During the course of a day, we all have moments when we are struck by life. Beauty, wonder, chaos, pain, pageantry, amazement – all of these things can be encapsulated in a single, fleeting second. Often, we let these moments brush right over us, and move too quickly onto the next one without taking the time to appreciate what was right before our eyes. For this reason, Sherri Nicole Miller’s photography resonates so deeply. Through her work, Sherri documents the moments that change our lives, in ways both minuscule and majestic. A cataloguer of the everyday, she uses her gifts to capture visual meditations that inspire us to take a much-needed breath and often, shift our perspectives.

Over several years, Sherri has been chronicling her life daily through a single photograph. Each image is something that touches her not because it is aesthetically beautiful, but because it has struck her personally and confronted her with life at its purist. On this site, she has collected her most resonant photographs, giving audiences a window into the phenomenal daily occurrences that we often take for granted. When compiled in succession, this makes for stunning viewing, and serves as both a catalog of a single year in a woman’s life as well as a source of inspiration for those who also seek to find the extraordinary in the everyday.

Sherri uses her hashtag, #struckbylife, to identify her photographs and services on social media and on her website, this allows her clients and prospective clients to view her work and contact her about retaining her services for commercial and personal projects.


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